“Climate change is a psychological crisis, whatever else it is.”

– Poulsen, 2018 –

We are psychologists and psychotherapists who contribute their psychological and therapeutic expertise to meet the challenges posed by the climate crisis and to facilitate a sustainable future.

This includes creating awareness of the climate crisis, facilitating emotional coping strategies and constructive action when dealing with the climate crisis, and supporting climate activists (individuals and groups).

About Us

The climate crisis is man-made. It requires changes in our behavior and communal life. These changes call for a resolute course of action on a socio-political level, both to prevent further consequences of the climate crisis and to adapt in due time. In view of our professional ethics as psychologists and psychotherapists, we feel the urge to actively support the processes of these changes. See our complete statement.

Our TEDx Talk: How Your Climate Emotions can Change the World - Katharina Van Bronswijk

Why Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future​

The existential threat to our natural environment caused by the climate crisis affects all of us. The consequences are already noticeable all over the planet.

The initiators of the Fridays for Future movement talk about the most important crisis of mankind, and rightly so. They are supported by a broad alliance of scientists. Their research proves not only the impact of human behavior on climate change but also provides potential solutions. Yet we need to act now and new political and social priorities are required to be successful.

As professional psychologists and psychotherapists we feel that it is our responsibility to contribute our expertise to manage these major challenges.

For many years various international psychological and medical authorities have researched the connections between climate change and psychology/psychotherapy. This includes topics like dealing with defense mechanisms like psychological denial, motivating people towards behavioral change, and dealing with psychological stress and disorders.