Get to know us

We are all affected by the acute threat posed by global warming and environmental destruction. So, with good reason, Fridays for Future refers to it as the greatest crisis ever faced by humankind. It is not only the F4F movement that supports this view, but also scientists from around the world. Their research results not only prove the negative impact humans have had on this development, but also point to possible solutions. Either way, we must act quickly and support political and societal conditions that are ecologically sustainable. In our role as psychologists and psychotherapists, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to overcoming the climate crisis and sustainability crisis.
Psychologists for Future / Psychotherapists for Future (Psy4F) is a trans-institutional and non-party affiliated climate advocacy group of psychologists and psychotherapists. We contribute our psychological and therapeutic expertise to meeting the challenges that are posed by the climate crisis in addition to be able to establish a sustainable future. We see ourselves as a part of the “For Future” movement and thus stand behind the demands of “Fridays for Future”.

Our Goals

The main goal of our work is the promotion of climate resilience both on an individual and societal level. This includes
  •  creating awareness of the climate crisis
  • facilitating emotional coping strategies
  • encouraging constructive action when dealing with the climate crisis
  • supporting climate activists (individuals and groups)

Our Core Principles

Our advocacy is focused on the following core principles:
  • respecting human autonomy
  • avoiding harm to humans, animals and nature
  • promoting human well-being
  • upholding human dignity and human rights
  • regarding humanity as a part of nature that is worth protecting

The climate crisis is man-made. It requires changes in our behavior and communal life. These changes call for a resolute course of action on a socio-political level, both to prevent further consequences of the climate crisis and to adapt in due time. In view of our professional ethics as psychologists and psychotherapists, we feel the urge to actively support the processes of these changes. The global climate justice movement is an important engine of these processes. We believe that it is enriched by the diversity of its stakeholders and regard any tendencies of division within the movement as unhelpful. Therefore, we are promoting cohesion within the climate movement as well as social cohesion in general. In view of our expertise, we feel a special responsibility to support both the movement and a constructive reaction to the climate crisis on a societal level.

What we offer

  • Public relations, workshops, professional psychological counselling, and talks about climate psychology and climate resilience
  • Coaching, psycho-social counselling, and mediation for climate activists
  • Group sessions on emotional coping with the climate crisis
  • Networking and exchange of thoughts among climate protecting psychologists and psychotherapists

How We Work

Psy4F is a decentralized organization which coordinates its activities. Our work is based on scientific evidence. As psychotherapists we adhere to the code of psychotherapeutic and medical ethics of the federal and state chambers of psychotherapists. In order to achieve our goals, we seek a lively exchange and synergy with other groups within the “For Future” movement and like-minded climate activists. As long as their demands along with non-violent activism are in line with both the “mission & values” outlined here and our statement from May 2019, we support them. With our psychological expertise, we promote a non-violent change towards more climate friendly structures within our free and democratic political system. Within Psy4F there is no place for anti-semitism, racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination. Further details regarding our organization are defined in a separate document which is available upon request (German only).

Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future was founded in May 2019 as grassroots movement by a few colleagues who were looking for allies in their struggle against the climate crisis.

As we researched the field it quickly became clear that the climate crisis is a psychological crisis. Within weeks, more and more colleagues joined who have been willing to spend part of their spare time to volunteer for this initiative ever since.

On 21 May 2019 we published our statement with more than 100 signatures. Every week, new teams and regional groups were founded, inspiration flowed, new approaches were discussed, and the network grew. Our aim is to publicly leverage our psychological and psychotherapeutical knowledge and skills and to exert influence on society.

Our first focus has been centered on „Mental Health for Activists“ and establishing regional connections with our colleagues from Scientists for Future.

Our declared goals include informing the Fridays for Future movement and other opinion leaders about psychological issues related to tackling the climate crisis, becoming active ourselves, and raising awareness for the possibilities of this social movement.